Team Shafty 24/7 Team Motto:
No Fears, No Regrets, No Liabilities
Live Life, Run Free

    Our motto was adopted from our very own co-founder (and self-proclaimed baka), B4K4, and holds true to our personal aspirations as traceurs and young adults of our generation.

No Fears: When we go to do a move or line, we don't back down. If we know we can't make it, we still make the best of it. More good comes from taking a risk and failing than it does to not take the risk and forever wonder if you could have done it had you tried. There's no running away: only running toward.

No Regrets: What we do is what we do, and we have no shame in just being ourselves. We are strong as a group; we are strong as individuals. We are who we want ourselves to be, and will not ever relent in climbing that wall of opportunity to grasp that bar of self-confidence and overcome our obstacles, to learn and grow, only to move on to the next great achievement.

No Liabilities: Responsibility is paramount in our experiences as people working together during parkour and free-running. The injuries we sustain in training and in actual work are factors of learning and must be taken as such; the scars we bear from our injuries are our marks of experiences and lessons we'll never forget. That which happens to our bodies teaches us something about ourselves and our abilities, and that we may all learn from our attempts, be they failures or successes.

    Throughout our dealings in the world of parkour and freerunning we began using another motto, or as some debate a slogan, Live Life, Run Free.

Live Life: Going back to our original motto of "No fears, No regrets, No liabilities," we prefer to live our lives with little regret, rarely looking to our past, and we prefer to live in the present and future, and make our lives as best we can.

Run Free: this is exactly what freerunning is about, being creative, and even during parkour training. When we train as a team or individually, we dont just drill vaults or jumps, we get creative with these moves, and create new lines, and new ideas, which is what we as a team stand for.

Team Shafty 24/7 accepts no responsibility for any damages to you, your computer, or any equipment used to either access this site or practice what is written and/or suggested on this site and in that of our help sections and advice.
No fears, no regrets, and no liabilities. Get shafty.