B4k4, deadlyMETAL, and Shinigami have all put up jam write-ups and reviews on APK, which all share personal and group insights about the awesome event!

B4k4's Review: "woo-bloody-hoo!"
deadlyMETAL's Review: "TS 24/7 Jam #2 - Write-Up and Recap!"
Shinigami's Review: "Jam reflections"

Team Shafty 24/7 thanks everyone who participated and helped out before, during, and after the jam, it was great and we hope to do it again as soon as we can!


Hello this is Shafty Jr doing the post today, me and the gang are going to be doing a jam so if your in the area come out and hang, or kong what ever. Vids may be posted, I'm not in charge of that.

Laterz Shafty Jr.

EDIT: B4K4:  My bad on the lack of videos, I've had some other things on my plate that I've had to do. But after next week the footage will probably start come on.

EDIT: deadlyMETAL: Just a note, when we're at the jam we'll be taking photos of the environment so we can submit Plymouth Park as a PK Hotspot on APK, so it'll get a little attention when Michigan-based traceurs/traceuses go looking for spots on their map. Everyone make sure to bring beverages and maybe some snacks (4 hours is a bad length of time to go without either), as well as any cameras, tripods, and extra batteries you may have. Hopefully we'll even have a news report submitted to APK about the jam after we're done. Looking forward to the jam!

(Remember that the jam is from 2 to 6 PM on the 18th, use Mapquest if you need directions! Once Shalmezad gets his address to me, I'll be able to get him back to his house.)


The early-summer training/practice video from deadlyMETAL is now online for public viewing. Watch the full-size version from our page, or the standard-size one at http://www.youtube.com/deadlyMETAL86!


On a side note, the team is considering getting together for a downtown CTF match. (Note to team members: if you need updating on this, contact Shini, B4k4, or myself for the details. It's still early, but we should to discuss it soon.)



APK Blog update from deadlyMETAL on rolling technique and plans for today/this week:


That's right, first jam of Team Shafty 24/7!
(This update was written by deadlyMETAL.)
Participants in today's jam:
- Baka
- deadlyMETAL(+ sister :D )
- Kerrdawg
- Shinigami

 Unfortunately, one of the team (Shafty Jr) couldn't make it: hopefully he'll be able to hit the next one (when it isn't so hot and when we're better ready and all :) ). On to the report!!

 Shini, Baka, and myself arrived in the parking lot between the elementary school and middle school scheduled to be used for the jam. Luckily, no one gave us any trouble (outside some know-it-all kids upon starting), and everything went pretty well. It was pretty intensely hot, so we took regular breaks and made sure everyone was in good condition to do our stuff. I'd say kerrdawg did best today, doing some excellent climbing, underbars, and attempts at double-kongs on a picnic table we found tucked away under some shrubbery. I myself got to work on and nail a decent underbar using some packaging tape and pullup bars. I still can't do a roll with proper  technique, so I'll work on that especially in the time between now and the next jam (slated for September, where it'll be cooler for us and we've worked on things more).

 We rounded out our two and a half hour meet with a short video of some group work, which ended with Baka missing his monkey and catching his feet on the bike rail, hitting his knee into the grass and bringing an end to his action for the day. Thankfully, we'd taken the videos (we had two cameras set up, one under the rail and one from a distance) beforehand, and we all got our rides home before we overheated. I'm a bit bummed we didn't shoot our underbars, but I attempted one under the higher of the two bikerails! :D

 We will have the video up on www.teamshafty.weebly.com/pictures-and-videos.html in a few days after some editing is done by Kabuto (thanks bud!!)

 Thanks to dM's mom for helping transport myself and my sister to the event, to Baka, Kerrdawg, and Shini for showing up and making the jam awesome, to Baka's mom for transporting him and providing the packaging tape (duct tape next time! :D ), to Kerrdawg for bringing the camera and getting drinks for yourself and Shini (Baka and I brought our own :P ), to APK, Matthew Willis, and various other parkour-related resources (people, sites, etc.) for helping us get started and get better at parkour and free-running, and whoever made my shirt: I truly am the doctor*. XD

 And with that, I guess we'll all be taking it easy for a little while, and get ready for our next jam, be it in September or earlier. 


No fears, no regrets, no liabilities.
Team Shafty 24/7

No risk = no fun.


*My shirt says "Trust me, I'm a doctor", andwas the lightest shirt I had, so I wore that to the jam. Needless to say, it makes for excellent break conversation when we talk about pains and such.


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