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This page is dedicated to helping anyone and everyone who is learning parkour and/or free-running, just as we learn it ourselves. Please not the warning/disclaimer at the very bottom of every page on the site.

Saturday, 07 June 2008

Team Shafty 24/7


 The team stands for the benefit and productivity, improvement and advancement, acceptance and learning of every member. We practice parkour and free-running to learn and grow as people who think and know that they have purpose in just being themselves. We don't need to bow to the accepted precedents of conformity, and show this through the basic and common concept of movement. We approach this with our own ideas of how it can be done. In parkour and free-running, we don't just overcome these every-day constraints, we use them to propel ourselves further and further toward our goals. An obstacle is in our path, so we vault over it rather than be like everyone else and walk around it. Others try to resist our new methods, so we push harder and promote our abilities that much higher.
 What's more, we use our new methods to have fun and learn life skills, as well as gain new experiences. We don't compete against one another in negative fashion: we work together to learn and teach, and try new things as individuals to challenge our friends to do the same or better. One-upping each other in friendly competition teaches us what we can do now, what we can't do just yet, and what we can do with what we have now to ultimately reach up and achieve what we couldn't have ever done before.
  The team is, as teams usually are, into promoting what we do and exposing others to our experiences, taking in newbies to give them what we ourselves have found. We don't act like jerks or almighty, all-knowing superiors to those who like what we do and wish to learn and participate. We don't negatively criticize each other when things go wrong. We accept what happens to our own individual selves as factors of learning, and in doing so know that it will all help us as we complete our immediate goals and strive further to our dreams.
  And lastly, we are shafty.

TEAM SHAFTY 24/7 – No Fears, No Regrets, No Liabilities.

Saturday, 07 June 2008
Team Shafty 24/7

 Shafty is defined as the state or condition of being 'shafty'. It's simply a feeling. This feeling is closely attributed to confidence, or (to some) being 'hyper'. If you drink enough caffeine, you get all excited and energetic – THAT is shaftiness. 

 When doing parkour,  you feel shafty when you land a move or stunt and have a sense of self-confidence, like you can contine the run or start into another move. There are other ways of 'getting shafty', but those are the two most common ways.

 Being shafty is also a sort of philosophy. Being shafty is knowing you can do what you set out to do, and being self-confident enough to actually go do it. It's a feeling and philosophy mostly intertwined with parkour/free-running, but in no way is it limited or restricted to parkour/free-running. You could be shafty in most other situations – it's just a question of how good you feel and how confident you are in yourself.

 It is best to be shaty before going to do parkour/free-running, as it's pretty hard to do something intense you haven't prepared for. Warming up and doing comfortable moves first, as well as eating/drinking appropriate amounts beforehand will easily get you shafty. Caffeine/energy drinks are the (nearly) essential factor (it's possible without, but more fun with).

 Now that we know what being shafty is, let's look at whit it isn't. 'Shafty' is a feeling, philosophy, state of mind, state of your physical and psychological self, and (among other things) the name of our traceur team. 'Shafty' is not a verb. So no making jokes about 'shafty-ing' someone – that's 'shank', and it's prison-talk.

 So, as we say, get shafty.

Team Shafty 24/7 accepts no responsibility for any damages to you, your computer, or any equipment used to either access this site or practice what is written and/or suggested on this site and in that of our help sections and advice.
No fears, no regrets, and no liabilities. Get shafty.