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Team Shafty 24/7 Music now online!; Help Sections almost prepared

 No, not our own music, but the music we like! At least, the music we like that fits the feeling of shaftiness and parkour/free-running. We add music we like as individuals and as a team, and you guys can either check out what we're into, or get some ideas for your own videos, etc. No, we aren't giving you the music listed on the page, we're just showing you some options. You can find them though!!

More on the Help Sections: There is a Tacking help section nearly ready for posting, and once that is ready the Help Sections page will be released here on Weebly. A few technical things need to be worked on here on the site itself before they'll be totally ready, but we've got that under control.

We thank our very own Shini for the Pictures and Videos section, as this is definitely going to get some use here shortly! While we keep working on our parkour and free-running, you all keep on yours.

Help sections by Team Shafty 24/7 now online; coming to this site

The help sections, as promised by team member and "technical manager" deadlyMETAL, are now beginning to surface on the internet, on! These help sections, including extended tutorials, advice sections, and other parkour/free-running goodness, are designed to help any and all traceurs who are looking for aid in their traceur/traceus careers, and will soon be posted here on the team site,

Team Shafty 24/7 accepts no responsibility for any damages to you, your computer, or any equipment used to either access this site or practice what is written and/or suggested on this site and in that of our help sections and advice.
No fears, no regrets, and no liabilities. Get shafty.